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air letter

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  • another term for aerogramme

    ‘He always wrote on pale blue aerogramme paper (air letter sheets), the kind where you fold and lick the tabs on the top and sides, transforming them into simple but elegant envelopes.’
    • ‘We are grateful to the people for the interest they showed in mailing air letters during this week.’
    • ‘This was even more likely before fellow collectors started to pay attention to formula air letter sheets.’
    • ‘Second day air letters and packages cost around two-thirds the price of next day service.’
    • ‘Some foreign air letters may have stamps all over them, just send them in ‘as is’.’
    • ‘In addition to the convenience of departmental collection, your next day air letters qualify for a discounted rate.’
    • ‘I always make sure there are sufficient stamps and air letters to be sold to the public.’
    • ‘The back of the previous air letter is shown at right.’
    • ‘Dispatch undeliverable air letters, aerogrammes, and air postcards bearing a return address to the appropriate air exchange office as if they were originating mail.’
    • ‘When I left India and couldn't cook at all at 20 I started writing to my mother and she sent me back air letters, so I started with these air letters and began cooking.’
    • ‘For international destinations (excluding Japan): week of Dec. 3 for everything, including air letters and cards, air packages, global priority mail and international express mail.’
    • ‘Other shipping methods (air letter rate, surface mail) available on application. The rate for Air Letter is shown below’
    • ‘The more usual air letters and covers from Seychelles were however usually censored in the islands both by the Army and the RAF..’


air letter

/ˈer ˌledər/ /ˈɛr ˌlɛdər/