Definition of air shaft in English:

air shaft


  • A straight, typically vertical passage admitting air into a mine, tunnel, or building.

    ‘When they first gave us the air shaft, the six-inch air shaft, we hit on that right away and we got a response.’
    • ‘The new air shaft is part of its expansion of the mine.’
    • ‘And I suppose you took the air shaft so you could get here before them.’
    • ‘A burst of flame shot upward through the air shaft.’
    • ‘The researchers prepared a 60-second videotape purportedly showing a man on a roof dropping what appears to be a bomb down an air shaft.’
    • ‘When the guards turned to head back up the Palace walkway four tiny shadows ran up the stairs to the Palace and entered the Structure along an outside air shaft.’
    • ‘The shot rises and flies over to the tower and enters through an air shaft, exiting in a hallway’
    • ‘Above the 9th-floor sky lobby is an open air shaft that creates a Mediterranean climate.’
    • ‘The TV view, captured from a live transmission, of the robot probe entering a small air shaft in the Queen's chamber.’
    • ‘Finally, beneath him, he could see slats of light shining through the final grate at the bottom of the air shaft.’
    • ‘By the looks of things, he decided this was an air shaft for ventilation.’
    • ‘The exhaust fans could also have moved contaminated droplets into a light and air shaft, where wind may have carried them into other apartments through open windows.’
    • ‘Vertical air shafts flung round circles of daylight on the smooth stone floor at intervals, and Brandark drew up under one of them and threw his head as far back as it would go to peer up at the tiny blue circle of sky at its top.’
    • ‘Chimneys are the perfect habitat for these birds, although they will nest in silos, wells, air shafts, or abandoned buildings in a pinch.’
    • ‘Stephen takes the cap off an airshaft and explains that canal builders built between two air shafts by tapping the walls and working towards each other.’
    • ‘‘Wind towers’ on the upper floors of many houses and other buildings catch these breezes and funnel the air down to the lower floors through air shafts.’
    • ‘It is reckoned that for every metre of building in Berlin above ground there are three below - tunnels, cellars, bunkers, air raid shelters, secret hospitals, air shafts and command centres.’
    • ‘And the screams of what could be imprisoned men in an underground detention center echo through air shafts and sewer pipes.’
    • ‘At this point, suction tubes open up in the corner of the pens and the assassins are propelled down tiny air shafts to wherever outlaws have been spotted.’
    • ‘He said the town's essence was encapsulated in the sounds echoing around the air shafts of the tenement blocks.’
    mineshaft, tunnel, passage, pit, adit, downcast, upcast


air shaft

/ˈer SHaft/ /ˈɛr ʃæft/