Definition of air station in English:

air station


  • An airfield operated by a navy or marine corps.

    • ‘A Royal Navy air station is proving a shining example in the world of rubbish.’
    • ‘The Navy tower gave us permission to circle their historic air station while I explained its significance to my Army crew over the interphone.’
    • ‘When we went down and visited the Marine air station on Monday we were stunned at just how big a problem this really is.’
    • ‘The helicopter operated out of the Culdrose air station Cornwall.’
    • ‘And the plane was based at the air station at Cherry Point, North Carolina.’
    • ‘The helicopters are based ashore at the air station at Yeovilton in Somerset.’
    • ‘The arrival of the Royals was both unannounced and unexpected - and they pitched up at the Yeovilton air station the night before Christmas leave began.’
    • ‘The Rev Mike Brotherton, chaplain at RN air station Culdrose, set a target of swimming the 237 miles in the air station's swimming pool by the end of 2001.’
    • ‘After the war the naval air station was closed and temporarily turned into a civilian airport that was also used to dispose of thousands of surplus aircraft from the war.’
    • ‘Action was taken to convert the base from an air station to an air reserve base with the signing of a supplemental record of decision.’
    • ‘The air station's own contingent of police increased by 40 officers.’
    • ‘The naval air station's existence was brief, however.’
    • ‘And I was just working, you know, I'd go down and do something at the naval air station.’
    • ‘It helped build bases in Vietnam and built a naval air station in Texas.’
    • ‘Apart from the exhibition and amusement park, people can also visit the Naval air station and museum.’
    • ‘The 30-minute flight to the air station was uneventful.’
    • ‘Built directly on top of a sensitive coral reef, the mammoth air station's runway will reach a mile into the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘The Dive Centre has good launching facilities, an air station, dive shop and restaurant.’
    • ‘The role of the Royal Naval air station at Prestwick will change from next month when a squadron decommissions.’
    • ‘The last of the helicopters to serve in this role have left their base at Royal Naval air station Culdrose after more than 30 years service.’