Definition of air traffic control in English:

air traffic control


  • The ground-based personnel and equipment concerned with monitoring and controlling air traffic within a particular area.

    ‘Declare an emergency and air traffic control will drop everything to get airplanes out of your way.’
    • ‘How do pilots communicate with air traffic control when flying over the ocean?’
    • ‘All of these people stayed on their post, did their job, got the rest of air traffic control on the ground.’
    • ‘Sneakily, I listened in to Heathrow's air traffic control on an old digital airband radio I picked up a couple of years back.’
    • ‘He advised the Minister of Civil Aviation on air traffic control during 1948-50.’
    • ‘A further example where performance reliability is paramount is in aviation and air traffic control.’
    • ‘If flight data is coming in from both the aircraft and the local air traffic control, which piece takes precedence?’
    • ‘You'll learn how to set up routes and co-ordinate with air traffic control to follow your flight plan.’
    • ‘I was sent to a switchboard that resembled air traffic control at Heathrow.’
    • ‘They are very worry about a private company running air traffic control.’
    • ‘Similarly, why should Australian defence forces perform air traffic control or other civilian tasks?’
    • ‘In certain occupations such as nursing and air traffic control, shift working has been identified as a central source of stress.’
    • ‘Capt Bacon took up the chase position and declared an emergency with air traffic control.’
    • ‘The pilot and co-pilot left their cabin after keying their mic so everything could be heard on the ground by horrified air traffic control teams.’
    • ‘They were limited only by the takeoff time appointed by air traffic control, and could well have anticipated a delay of, say, half an hour.’
    • ‘We'd let air traffic control know the course we'd determined and ask if it was possible to proceed direct.’
    • ‘Finally, air traffic control is usually there to help you with where you are now and vector you to where you want to be.’
    • ‘Navigating and communicating with air traffic control take up a lot of our time.’
    • ‘Pilots regularly fly into the airport's airspace without telling air traffic control of their route.’
    • ‘Civil aviation officials said there was little air traffic control could do and indicated the pilots were trying to avoid rough weather.’


air traffic control

/e(ə)r ˈtrafik kənˈtrōl/ /ɛ(ə)r ˈtræfɪk kənˈtroʊl/