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aircraft carrier

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  • A large warship equipped to serve as a base for aircraft that can take off from and land on its deck.

    ‘But within a year the aircraft was involved in an accident while landing on the aircraft carrier, HMS Ocean.’
    • ‘This will allow Portsmouth Naval Base to handle the new generation of warships, particularly the future aircraft carrier.’
    • ‘Yamamoto saw the aircraft carrier as supporting the battleship rather than the other way round.’
    • ‘He is, after all, a Navy veteran, thought he was landing on an aircraft carrier, perhaps.’
    • ‘Another friend is currently serving as a senior officer on an aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy.’
    • ‘The royal party watched a dynamic display of aerial and aquatic action from the flight deck of aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.’
    • ‘Four people suffered minor injures when a crane toppled on to the flight deck of aircraft carrier HMS Invincible.’
    • ‘Flight deck operations on an aircraft carrier are about as stressful as actual combat.’
    • ‘This is a legacy of the Second World War, in which the aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as the capital ship of fleets.’
    • ‘Ever wondered what it's like to land on an aircraft carrier?’
    • ‘Wartime plans to construct an aircraft carrier out of ice left one Navy News reader bemused - but the tale is true.’
    • ‘They either undershot or overshot whilst attempting to land on an aircraft carrier.’
    • ‘This includes an aircraft carrier, four frigates, two destroyers, other ships and group troops.’
    • ‘It was obvious that the aircraft carrier would be integral to this vision.’
    • ‘Moreover, public support for the acquisition of an aircraft carrier seems high.’
    • ‘On an aircraft carrier, it could take you a month just to find your way around.’
    • ‘It will give the UK an aircraft that can take off from an aircraft carrier and provide the agility of a light fighter with the punch of a bomber.’
    • ‘Plus, every parking space seems as big as an aircraft carrier flight deck.’
    • ‘They also learnt the lesson that the aircraft carrier rather than the battleship was to be crucial to victory in naval warfare.’
    • ‘Three hours later, the American aircraft carrier, the U.S.S Wasp, drifted into position.’


aircraft carrier

/ˈe(ə)rˌkraf(t) ˌkerēər/ /ˈɛ(ə)rˌkræf(t) ˌkɛriər/