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  • A structure with curved surfaces designed to give the most favorable ratio of lift to drag in flight, used as the basic form of the wings, fins, and horizontal stabilizer of most aircraft.

    British term aerofoil

    ‘Key areas include structural components, exhaust assemblies, engine fabrications and panels, combustion components, casings, rings and discs, machined airfoils, turbine airfoils and fan blades.’
    • ‘The top airfoil was mounted well aft of the bottom wing and continued flying after the lower wing had stalled, making the airplane effectively ‘stallproof.’’
    • ‘Snow may look nasty to fly in, and it does reduce visibility, but it's generally not much of a problem in flight, as it rarely adheres to aircraft surfaces enough to distort an airfoil.’
    • ‘We have been able to achieve this partly by so designing the fuselage that in some respects it resembles an airfoil.’
    • ‘Ice can form within 30 seconds on the wings and airfoils of a rescue aircraft.’
    • ‘Quite novel was the use of wooden interplane bracing struts, and also the automatic wing slots, which were like auxiliary airfoils that drooped out forward at low airspeeds and high angles of attack.’
    • ‘Bernie was a self-taught engineer who learned to fly in the 1920s, designed his own airfoils and did his own stress analysis on the airplane.’
    • ‘At small attack angles, the fluid smoothly flows over the leading edge of the airfoil but separates from the surface near the trailing edge.’
    • ‘Unsteady airflow and flexible airfoils are the province of bat flight, and given the skittish nature of the average air traveler, those features are not likely to cross over to commercial aircraft.’
    • ‘Don't just be content to remove ice from airfoils, however.’
    • ‘The Bear 360 wing has an airfoil selected to provide tow drag, good low speed handling characteristics, and excellent stability to high angles of attack.’
    • ‘The attachment of the outer panels to the center section consisted of a multi-bolted flange running completely around the airfoil.’
    • ‘The all-wood wing and its thin airfoil is a testimony to the team's craftsmanship.’
    • ‘The original wing was removed and replaced with a new wing which appears to have had a thinner airfoil.’
    • ‘They are learning what works, and what doesn't, when fliers must contend with unsteady airflows and with airfoils that continuously deform.’
    • ‘They were shaped like basic Japanese throwing knives, but they had small slivers of metal on both sides of each knife that stuck out during flight and acted like airfoils.’
    • ‘Writing in the current issue of the journal Paleobiology, Longrich notes that several living species use their hind legs as airfoils to glide from trees, including types of lizards and frogs.’
    • ‘In my early windsock investigations, I built models that were inverted airfoils literally pivoting to respond to changes in wind direction.’
    • ‘The roughened surface created by the dimples causes a layer of air that takes the shape of an airfoil (think of an airplane wing).’
    • ‘This approach has culminated in the use of multiple high-speed video cameras to document the three-dimensional shape and motion of the feathered airfoil.’



/ˈerˌfoil/ /ˈɛrˌfɔɪl/