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  • The body of an aircraft as distinct from its engine.

    ‘It was determined that airfreight would minimise the risk of further damage to the airframe and return the aircraft in a controlled environment.’
    • ‘Commissioned by the U.S. government to create a powered aircraft, Langley spent a fortune developing airframes and engines.’
    • ‘The first 22 airframes - 14 flyable aircraft and eight nonflying ground-test articles - will be built on that assembly line during the current phase of the program.’
    • ‘Rand also has completed extensive research in identifying those explanatory variables that are of most significance when developing regression models for aircraft airframes.’
    • ‘And it was apparent that even the most knowledgeable mechanics needed training on the peculiarities of aviation engines and airframes.’
    • ‘When expeditionary forces are on the move, aircraft maintenance assures that airframes can maintain the force flow required by the war fighter.’
    • ‘The facility was engineered to apply a specific load test to the airframe of the aircraft in a controlled environment.’
    • ‘We'll stick with the more conveniently acquired aircraft that can actually be bought and flown as if they're normal aircraft because their engines and airframes are fairly easily supported.’
    • ‘For much of his life, Steve was interested in creating small airframes with small engines that would rely on aeronautical efficiency for exceptional performance-with one great exception!’
    • ‘Maintainers explain that after each flight, they have to rinse the saltwater off the airframes and engines, and every 30 days they thoroughly wash the helicopters.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s Honda was developing turbine engines for aircraft, and composite airframes.’
    • ‘A decision was made to flight-test the airframe, but without the jets.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the airframe damage to the aircraft belly was considerable.’
    • ‘While it had no engine, the airframe was in good shape so Bill bought the plane and had it hauled to Dallas where an engine and prop were installed.’
    • ‘As long as the airframes and engines are well maintained, the age of the aircraft doesn't matter.’
    • ‘In England, they gained valuable knowledge on a wide variety of combat engines and airframes similar to those they would service in France.’
    • ‘The crew chief and his crew members maintained the airframe, engines, controls, and accessory systems.’
    • ‘For many of these installations, no actual modifications to the airframe or engine need to be performed.’
    • ‘Both the wings were torn off and the engine separated from the airframe.’
    • ‘Little, if anything, was done to preserve the airframe but the engine was kept in running condition.’



/ˈerˌfrām/ /ˈɛrˌfreɪm/