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  • Broadcasting time devoted to a particular record, performer, or musical genre.

    ‘they call themselves country and western just to get airplay’
    • ‘The record received steady airplay, and CNN even interviewed Blakely about the phenomenon.’
    • ‘We truly believe that each artist on FightCloud is top quality and each deserve radio airplay and a record deal.’
    • ‘The American Music Awards are tellingly chosen by the public from a shortlist of nominees picked because of radio airplay and record sales.’
    • ‘The most promising bands and artists will get the chance to record a session and get airplay, and be given a slot supporting a headline band at a live event.’
    • ‘It is given massive airplay on all commercial radio stations as well as BBC Radio One.’
    • ‘Few country artists who get any radio airplay can come close to the character and expressiveness of this music.’
    • ‘There are parallels for this - like the moment artists started being paid for radio airplay.’
    • ‘Of this, £100,000 was from royalties and the rest came from concerts, record sales and airplay.’
    • ‘Records were denied airplay for the most arcane reasons imaginable.’
    • ‘The Hindu Times gets its first airplay tomorrow on BBC Radio 1 at 8.15 am.’
    • ‘DiFranco's albums were getting very little radio airplay and couldn't be found in most record stores.’
    • ‘Radio airplay is considered the most powerful promotional tool for record companies.’
    • ‘It has been picking up good airplay on the local stations and looks set to be another popular favourite for the man from Belmullet.’
    • ‘By Saturday morning, the previous night's performances were receiving frequent airplay.’
    • ‘The young Galway man has been enjoying a good run on the circuit with plenty of work and decent airplay on the regional stations.’
    • ‘In addition to their previous tours, two studio releases and radio airplay, the band has already achieved another modest success.’
    • ‘After all, that's the version that gets airplay every night on network and cable newscasts.’
    • ‘The song has been receiving an amount of airplay on the regional radio stations and Barry is very pleased with the reaction.’
    • ‘On the back of their Park performance, the band has played Warrington University and received airplay on local radio.’
    • ‘It records street musicians and underground artists and gives them airplay.’



/ˈerˌplā/ /ˈɛrˌpleɪ/