Definition of airship in English:



  • A power-driven aircraft that is kept buoyant by a body of gas (usually helium, formerly hydrogen) which is lighter than air.

    • ‘Academics are developing ways to replace satellites and mobile telephone masts with solar-powered airships for better and cheaper telecommunications.’
    • ‘From 1915 on, the first strategic bombing offensive was conducted by Germany against Britain, using airships and later large aircraft carrying bombs of up to 2,200 pounds.’
    • ‘Submarines were attacked by aircraft, airships, mines, Naval vessels (including submarines) and merchant ships.’
    • ‘Yet commanders quickly grasped the ability to use aircraft or airships to threaten deep behind the front line.’
    • ‘This is the first airship of an extensive project to develop small helium airships (one- and two-person).’
    • ‘Balloons, like airships, get their lift from a structure containing a gas that is less dense than the air surrounding the balloon.’
    • ‘Since the demise of the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg, helium was in big demand as the buoyant gas for airships.’
    • ‘It then possessed 39 aircraft, 52 seaplanes, and 7 airships.’
    • ‘In 1907 he left the company and devoted his efforts to the design of large engines for airships.’
    • ‘Airships were also constructed, especially by Germany, which used Zeppelin airships for bombing attacks against civilian targets.’
    • ‘Relics from a golden age of flight when Zeppelins and airships ruled the skies have been on sale at a Swindon auction house.’
    • ‘The Zeppelin airship is back, almost 70 years after it went down in a blaze in an accident in Germany.’
    • ‘It was here he assembled his first airship in 1900.’
    • ‘Soon after that, in 1926, he resigned from the Navy, but he retained his enthusiasm for airships.’
    • ‘We're all familiar with helium, the very light gas that makes balloons and airships float in the air.’
    • ‘They have built gondolas for airships, flight simulators and floating offices, but Jim's boat posed a real challenge.’
    • ‘Sixty years ago, he was a 17-year-old boy on his way to Bedford to learn all there was about aeroplanes and airships.’
    • ‘The airship slowly lifted off the ground just before they arrived.’
    • ‘The airship pitched suddenly diving forward and then back as the aircraft shuddered in a sick whine.’
    • ‘The aerospace giant, which has built more than 300 airships since 1928, is sticking with the traditional blimp shape.’