Definition of airsickness bag in English:

airsickness bag


  • A paper bag provided in an aircraft or ship as a receptacle for vomit.

    ‘The only thing that will keep her amused on the airplane is when I pretend to vomit into the airsickness bag.’
    • ‘It was the kind of sudden drop - after a rapid ascent - that could get the most seasoned traveler fumbling for an airsickness bag.’
    • ‘Suddenly there is laughter, cheering and pointing and I strain to see what has happened - the first soldier to throw up is using his airsickness bag.’
    • ‘Should one be required, airsickness bags are, as always, located in the seat pocket in front of you.’
    • ‘He said he had used the cabin restroom before the plane departed but had to go again and finally reached for the air-sickness bag.’


airsickness bag

/ˈsik ˌbaɡ/ /ˈsɪk ˌbæɡ/