Definition of aisled in English:



See aisle

‘The hotel contains an oak timber frame thought to have formed the end of an aisled hall, a popular form of building among well-off peasants in the 13 th century.’
  • ‘Now you see that what it resembles is a preaching hall, like Les Jacobins in Toulouse, rather than an aisled, chapel-lined cathedral.’
  • ‘They vary in plan (not least because some were developed over generations), but often incorporate aisled elements or courtyards.’
  • ‘Two watchtowers and several houses are now growing up around a 30-ft high, aisled longhall that will eventually measure 60 ft long by 30 ft wide.’
  • ‘After the grand houses had been pulled down in Colchester's Culver Street suburb, a huge aisled warehouse was constructed, perhaps for storing taxes-in-kind and military supplies.’



/īld/ /aɪld/