Definition of aiyah in English:



(also aiya)
  • (chiefly among Chinese speakers) used to express dismay, exasperation, or surprise.

    • ‘aiyah, you mustn't work so hard; you must find time for other things’
    • ‘Aiyah, it is the company that counts.’
    • ‘Aiyah, nerd is not an insult, it's a way of life.’
    • ‘Aiyah, why so dramatic? No big deal lah.’
    • ‘Aiyah, all these auditors can only check based on what they're given.’
    • ‘"Aiyah," my Chinese-American mother would scold my younger sister when she was a teen in search of a 'savage tan'. "Too dark."’
    • ‘Sometimes people get scared, they say, aiyah, I don't understand.’
    • ‘Aiyah! It's only a friendly match.’
    • ‘Aiyah, I could have added variety to the passages I memorised to pass Chinese composition tests.’



/ˌīˈyä/ /ˌaɪˈjɑ/


From Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin): imitative.