Definition of akathisia in English:



  • A state of agitation, distress, and restlessness that is an occasional side-effect of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs.

    ‘Common side effects of both older and newer antipsychotic drugs include akathisia - an experience of motor restlessness and jitteriness - and anticholinergic effects, such as sedation and delirium.’
    • ‘The most common early side effects of fluoxetine are agitation, insomnia, and neuromuscular restlessness resembling akathisia.’
    • ‘Antidepressants are another group of drugs known to cause akathisia 3-5 but are not as well recognised.’
    • ‘It can be difficult to distinguish akathisia from the agitation that is often present in patients with dementia.’
    • ‘Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, mania, and akathisia (severe restlessness) are some of the symptoms associated with use of antidepressants.’
    • ‘The major limitation of this study is that it was not a cost-benefit analysis and, therefore, does not indicate whether the small advantages in terms of reduced akathisia and neurocognitive function offset the costs of the drug.’
    • ‘Two controlled trials have directly compared benztropine and propranolol in antipsychotic-induced akathisia.’
    • ‘Diphenhydramine was frequently coadministered to prevent akathisia.’
    • ‘By the spring of 1999, 2,000 suicides by Prozac users had been reported to the Food and Drug Administration, at least a quarter of which appeared to be linked to agitation and akathisia.’
    • ‘While not depicted here, it is suggested that the inhibitory input to these DA pathways produces the overt and covert restlessness characteristic of akathisia.’
    • ‘Neither dose nor plasma levels were significantly correlated with either akathisia or parkinsonian side effects.’
    • ‘In some cases, patients who experience unacceptable rigidity, akathisia, or dystonia with high potency agents may benefit from a lower potency neuroleptic such as thiothixene or thioridazine.’
    • ‘The [D.sub.2] blockade in the nigrostriatal pathway causes extrapyramidal symptoms, which include drug-induced parkinsonism, akathisia, acute dystonia, and tardive dyskinesia.’
    • ‘Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, akathisia, hypomania, and mania have been reported in patients being treated with antidepressants.’
    • ‘Propranolol may help physical symptoms such as racing heart and akathisia (not FDA approved) but has no effect on psychic components of anxiety.’
    • ‘Dr. Healy continuously returns the issue of akathisia, a motor restlessness, as if this is unique.’
    • ‘Homicide and suicide associated with akathisia and haloperidol.’
    • ‘Donaldson et al suggested that any benefit seen when propranolol is added to an antipsychotic may be related to its proven effectiveness for akathisia.’
    • ‘Short term treatment with antipsychotic drugs carries a significant risk of sedation, acute dystonias, akathisia, and parkinsonism.’
    • ‘Typical high potency side effects such as EPS, dystonic reactions, akathisia are rare with IV use.’



/ˌakəˈTHizēə/ /ˌækəˈθɪziə/