Main definitions of alameda in English

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Pronunciation /ˌaləˈmādə/ /ˌæləˈmeɪdə/


  • (in Spain and Spanish-speaking regions) a public walkway or promenade shaded with trees.

    ‘‘A brass band played a languid waltz under the alameda of blossoming matarratón trees,’ he says at one point.’
    • ‘In Bogotá, Hook says, Penalosa took him on a helicopter ride to tour the bike highways, called alamedas.’
    • ‘Other alamedas of special interest are El Tunal, located in the neighborhood by the same name; Santa Fe 1 and 2 sections connecting South Highway and Centenario Avenue to connect Centenario Avenue and Americas Avenue, Bosa Laureles and Arborizadora Alta.’
    esplanade, front, seafront, parade, walk, boulevard, avenue, walkway, mall


Late 18th century Spanish.

Main definitions of Alameda in English

: alameda1Alameda2


Pronunciation /ˌaləˈmēdə/ /ˌæləˈmidə/ /ˈaləˌmādə/ /ˈæləˌmeɪdə/

proper noun

  • A port city in north central California, on San Francisco Bay, just southwest of Oakland; population 70,580 (est. 2008).