Definición de alarm bell en Inglés

alarm bell

Pronunciación /əˈlärm bel/ /əˈlɑrm bɛl/

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  • A bell rung as a warning of danger.

    ‘the alarm bell rang out’
    • ‘the proposal has set alarm bells ringing’
    • ‘For example, a chocolate bar wedged to prevent an alarm bell from ringing; rows of old armchairs lined up by a bus stop; an abandoned sofa with cigarette burns; a huge can of peas used as a makeshift doorstop.’
    • ‘That word ‘intrepid’ is ringing like an alarm bell.’
    • ‘In the space of just 15 minutes - between the alarm bell ringing and the caretaker arriving - the children were able to turn the nursery into a disaster zone.’
    • ‘Change the script to make the dads gay, however, and you go from matinee to over 18s in one ring of the alarm bell.’
    • ‘Then suddenly without warning a loud alarm bell starts ringing, and there this hellish screeching of steel on steel.’
    • ‘In another case a girl cashier who attempted to ring the alarm bell was kicked in the head.’
    • ‘The alarm bell began to ring, jogging Deed out of her reverie.’
    • ‘At the police station, Officers Anderson and Patrick were both startled from private musings when the alarm bell rang.’
    • ‘First the alarm bell rang at two in the mourning waking me up.’
    • ‘Those words must be ringing in poor Kelly's ears like a shrill alarm bell.’
    • ‘The company, which is the city's biggest automatic vending machine company, said an alarm bell used to be placed in the machines but the loud noise it made when set off upset nearby residents and the practice was discontinued.’
    • ‘In Miyun County in Beijing on February 5, an accident set off an alarm bell on an overcrowded bridge in a park during the Lantern Festival and 37 people were killed in the crush.’
    • ‘At the start of Jonathan Franzen's masterly novel The Corrections, the state of emergency spreading through a fractious household is announced by the metaphor of an unanswered alarm bell.’
    • ‘The drum kit is in splinters, toppled speakers litter the proscenium and it's impossible to tell whether the high-pitched keening filling your head is part of the show or just the alarm bell on your inner ear.’
    • ‘PC McDonald was on the beat in Worksop when he received a radio message in the early hours to say the alarm bell was sounding at a jewellers in Central Avenue.’
    • ‘An alarm bell started to sound as Lou quickly pulled Ted out of the way and the other Dragons began to throw their rocks at the window.’
    • ‘After about five minutes, an alarm bell sounded and an acrid smell began to fill the room.’
    • ‘We dashed up the final flight of stairs and I put my strength into chiming the alarm bell.’
    • ‘The name hung in the air like an alarm bell before Elise shook her head in disbelief.’
    • ‘Then, when some internal alarm bell rings, the colony begins moving nightly from site to site.’
    siren, warning sound, alarm signal, danger signal, distress signal, alert