Definition of alcalde in English:



  • A magistrate or mayor in a Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American town.

    ‘Every locality as well has its municipal head of government, its alcalde, or - where a village has become a dependency of a larger seat in the municipality - an alcalde pedáneo (dependent mayor).’
    • ‘Based on information from injured victims, relatives, neighbors, and witnesses, the local alcaldes or, in larger villages, their equivalent corregidores/justicias mayores, soon undertook the investigation of the crimes.’
    • ‘Observing that the alcalde held his post by the grace of General Wood, Hanna threatened him with replacement and even more dire consequences ‘If we do not find the body within three hours.’’
    • ‘While Diego's father and others fret and fume about the new alcalde, Diego feigns disinterest.’
    • ‘He briefly served as alcalde, or magistrate [nagistrate], of San Luis Rey Mission, California, and did a stint in the California goldfields.’
    judge, magistrate, Her Honour, His Honour, Your Honour



/älˈkäldē/ /ɑlˈkɑldi/ /alˈkäldē/ /ælˈkɑldi/


Mid 16th century Spanish, from Arabic al-qāḍī ‘the judge’ (see qadi).