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  • 1A person who practices alchemy.

    ‘phosphorus was discovered by German alchemist Hennig Brand in 1669’
    • ‘Initially the substance was a mistrusted tool of alchemists.’
    • ‘The alchemists were a fraternity of researchers devoted to converting lead into gold.’
    • ‘He was linked by marriage to the celebrated physician and alchemist Robert Fludd.’
    • ‘This idea is what separated the early alchemists from twentieth-century initiates.’
    • ‘Bacon disparages the legend of Artephius, 12th-century alchemist, "who when hee found his spirit ready to depart, drew into his Body the Spirit of a certaine young Man."’
    • ‘The dishonesty of the alchemists was much discussed and condemned in the 14th century.’
    • ‘Some alchemists spent their entire lives trying to discover the magic formula that would enable them to convert base metals into gold.’
    • ‘Fifteenth-century physician and alchemist Paracelsus said alchemy's role was developing medicines and extracts from healing plants.’
    • ‘Recent findings have left many scientists sounding much like the alchemists, astrologists, and mystics who have long held this view of the universe.’
    • ‘On the physical plane alone, these are miracles of the type pondered by occultists and alchemists.’
    1. 1.1A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.
      ‘some highly imaginative tax shelters dreamed up by the accounting alchemists’
      • ‘A veteran DJ listened hard and found magic, effectively an alchemist of rhythm and melody.’
      • ‘She is one of the compositional geniuses of our day, an alchemist who sculpts the raw and powerful forces of nature into a music at once stark and dramatic.’
      • ‘Truly, these recording alchemists weave straw into sonic gold.’
      • ‘As a leader of the party, he was a wizard, a conjurer, a magician, an alchemist.’
      • ‘The famed British sculptor, still at work at 88, is a kind of alchemist, transmuting a range of materials and playing with our perceptions.’
      • ‘It's Frankenstein-like, and this from a troop of one-time alchemists who made Auto-Tune sound like the best thing that ever happened to violins.’
      • ‘Instead he is modeling himself on the party's alchemist who rebuilt the welfare state and ran a budget surplus in a time of penury.’
      • ‘It draws equally on techno hip-hop experimentation and Japanese collage-pop alchemists.’
      • ‘He is an alchemist, not an adapter, as one can see by comparing any of his plays with its base original.’
      • ‘Wall Street alchemists are well-prepared to eschew these new measures and, in the process, undermine their intended purpose.’



/ˈalkəməst/ /ˈælkəməst/