Definition of alcohol abuser in English:

alcohol abuser


See alcohol abuse

‘Across the region 67% of people seeking treatment for addiction were alcohol abusers.’
  • ‘Violent men were also almost twice as likely to fit into the category of alcohol abusers as were nonviolent men.’
  • ‘Her mother was working the streets and was a drug and alcohol abuser.’
  • ‘Images of the poor as lazy, drug and alcohol abusers, and petty criminals are commonplace.’
  • ‘Despite the role of alcohol in illegal behavior and criminal justice incarceration, few alcohol abusers in the criminal justice system receive treatment.’
  • ‘The feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse that are frequent among drug and alcohol abusers are usually very high.’
  • ‘The genteel appearance belies its gritty purpose: Phoenix House is a rehabilitation centre for drug and alcohol abusers, treating 6,000 people a day.’
  • ‘He was a recovering drug and alcohol abuser.’
  • ‘At the council meeting on Monday, a number of Benson Street residents said they had concerns about the scheme, which will house six recovering drug and alcohol abusers.’
  • ‘Interventions are commonly used on those thought to be drug or alcohol abusers by concerned relatives and friends.’