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  • An addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency.

    ‘he had a long history of depression, drug abuse, and alcoholism’
    • ‘Ten years later Glatt founded his unit for alcoholism and drug addiction at St Bernard's.’
    • ‘On the practical side was the desire to gain a better deal for people suffering from alcoholism.’
    • ‘Binge drinking should not be conflated with chronic alcoholism and under-age consumption.’
    • ‘Pathologist Dr Al Badri found that Mr Holmes died from cardio respiratory failure and chronic alcoholism.’
    • ‘Many alcoholics will tell you that alcoholism is a disease that rewires the brain.’
    • ‘Am I going to give them an answer to alcoholism or addiction in a few minutes on television?’
    • ‘Her alcoholism and addiction to cocaine make her paranoid and unpredictable.’
    • ‘But Chris slipped into alcoholism and became addicted to cocaine and Ecstasy.’
    • ‘I am much more inclined to think that their alcoholism or addiction has come about as a consequence of their situation.’
    • ‘We treat it very much like we would treat alcoholism or drug addiction.’
    • ‘The suicide rate is one of the highest in Europe, and there is alcoholism and drug addiction.’
    • ‘Vaillant concludes that we know far more about the clinical course of common cancers than we do of alcoholism.’
    • ‘People with parents who have alcoholism have a greater chance of getting the disease.’
    • ‘Because I think that within medicine there's a bit of a conspiracy of silence about alcoholism.’
    • ‘Speaking of genes and drugs, for years there's been a fruitless search for the gene for alcoholism.’
    • ‘There was no evidence of cigarette smoking and no history of drug abuse or alcoholism.’
    • ‘There is some evidence that alcoholism of early onset is associated with a defect in serotonin regulation.’
    • ‘Alcohol abuse is the most common cause of cirrhosis and many people associate the disease with alcoholism.’
    • ‘There is no suggestion in the evidence that your client suffered from alcoholism, is there?’
    • ‘She suffered from depression and alcoholism and it took her until the age of 34 to sort herself out.’
    drunkenness, intoxication, inebriation, tipsiness



/ˈalkəˌhôˌliz(ə)m/ /ˈælkəˌhɔˌlɪz(ə)m/


Mid 19th century from alcohol + ism.