Definition of Alexander polynomial in English:

Alexander polynomial


  • A polynomial in one variable that can be constructed for any knot (based on the number and type of crossings present in a two-dimensional representation of the knot), and is the same for any two knots which are topologically equivalent.

    Although topologically equivalent knots necessarily have the same Alexander polynomial, knots having the same Alexander polynomial are not necessarily equivalent.


Alexander polynomial

/alɪɡˌzɑːndə pɒlɪˈnəʊmɪəl/ /alɪɡˌzandə pɒlɪˈnəʊmɪəl/


1930s; earliest use found in American Journal of Mathematics. From the name of James Waddell Alexander, U.S. mathematician, who suggested this method of characterizing knots in 1928 + polynomial.