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  • A leguminous plant with clover-like leaves and bluish flowers, native to southwestern Asia and widely grown for fodder.

    Also called lucerne

    Medicago sativa, family Leguminosae

    ‘Here's an excuse to let a section of lawn grow tall and go to hay, or plant some of it to alfalfa, red clover or oats.’
    • ‘Red clover grows better than alfalfa in the acidic soils that are common in the Midwest.’
    • ‘He's also seeded pastures with legumes like alfalfa and red and white clovers.’
    • ‘Jean's honey is mainly produced from the nectar of clover, alfalfa and fireweed.’
    • ‘This led to a substantial reduction in the sowing of traditional crops such as alfalfa and plants grown for vegetable oil.’
    • ‘Weed-free stands of clover or alfalfa and clean cultivated row crops are not likely to be infested.’
    • ‘A naturally occurring sugar found in pine tree shoots, alfalfa, soybeans and other legumes.’
    • ‘Both tobacco, as a model plant species, and alfalfa have been transformed with the assembled constructs.’
    • ‘The best source of fiber is hay, such as timothy, alfalfa, oat, or orchard grass.’
    • ‘Furthermore, in recent decades, farmers in this area primarily grew cotton and alfalfa.’
    • ‘One is installing the pipes in a bed of woodchips and planting deep-rooting alfalfa over the top.’
    • ‘Before planting your alfalfa or grass this spring, take time to evaluate your seedbed.’
    • ‘The chart compares characteristics of the alfalfa weevil and clover leaf weevil.’
    • ‘The native prairie grasslands and alfalfa provide food and shelter for these birds.’
    • ‘August is an excellent time to plant alfalfa, if you have moisture and you do it right.’
    • ‘Remove all poisonous indoor plants and replace with pots of grass, alfalfa or catnip.’
    • ‘You can grow them yourself from mung beans, brown lentils, chickpeas, fenugreek seeds or alfalfa seeds.’
    • ‘The leaves are long and smooth and travel up the entire stem, equivalent to alfalfa.’
    • ‘Cows and calves graze on orchardgrass and alfalfa pastures at Moonstone Farm.’
    • ‘This contains alfalfa and parsley, both of which have traditionally been used to treat urinary-tract problems.’



/alˈfalfə/ /ælˈfælfə/


Mid 18th century from Spanish, from Arabic al-faṣfaṣa, a green fodder.