Definition of alien abduction in English:

alien abduction


  • The alleged abduction of a person by an extraterrestrial being.

    ‘victims of alien abduction’
    • ‘reports of mysterious UFO sightings and alarming alien abductions’
    • ‘In America, the current wave of reports of alien abduction bears a strong resemblance to out of body experiences.’
    • ‘We eventually learn that the women were victims of an alien abduction.’
    • ‘They are willing to accept the possibility of alien abduction; I wouldn't be.’
    • ‘He plays Eddie, a paranoid man who lands himself in a mental hospital, driven wacky by relentless visions of alien abduction.’
    • ‘It could be deemed irresponsible to encourage patients to believe in alien abduction.’
    • ‘The artistry and a sometimes humorous approach can't obscure the fact that "Taken" takes alien abductions rather seriously.’
    • ‘With all the reported alien abductions, you might think there would be one high-quality photograph or videotape that would indisputably show aliens in action.’
    • ‘It is an epic saga that weaves together the stories of three families over multiple generations and their crucial roles in the history of alien abductions.’
    • ‘Was this a mass occurrence of alien abduction?’
    • ‘Numerous alien abductions occurred throughout the country, and sightings were frequent.’
    • ‘Government deception, secret underground bases, unexplained cattle mutilation, secret advance technology and alien abductions are just a few of the many topics covered in this intelligently researched program.’
    • ‘The highly respected, intelligent and tenured Harvard psychiatrist has embarrassed his university by very publicly embracing the myth of alien abductions.’
    • ‘He loves writing about the supernatural and has written two novels in the last 18 months, one about time travel and the other about alien abduction.’
    • ‘The story focuses on a self-help group of victims of alien abductions, formed to examine these and other close encounters of various kinds.’
    • ‘Yet another alien abduction TV series is heading this way, sporting the usual nosebleeds, little grey men and glowing spheres.’
    • ‘Although he died in 1982, Dick's themes of government subterfuge, alien abduction, drug-induced altered states and the malleability of identity remain eerie reflections of our contemporary landscape.’
    • ‘According to one estimate, no fewer than 5 million Americans have been subjected to alien abductions.’
    • ‘If the subject matter of alien abduction interests you, then this might be your cup of tea.’
    • ‘You may think that alien abduction is a funny subject, but not everyone does.’
    • ‘When I was telling my mother about my sleep paralysis, I told her there was a website that said I was experiencing alien abduction.’


alien abduction

/ˌālēən abˈdəkSH(ə)n/ /ˌeɪliən æbˈdəkʃ(ə)n/