Definition of alienability in English:




See alienable

‘Hegel is against all elements of the law that would either revert family property back to the family clan, or that would place restrictions on its full inheritance and alienability.’
  • ‘In Anglo-Saxon law this mode of justification has been less well received due to its implications for the final alienability of intellectual property.’
  • ‘Of course, as the honourable member will know, alienability is a defining characteristic of a fee simple title.’
  • ‘It even refused to ban race and gender discrimination in broadcast transactions until it determined whether such sales would have any ‘direct or inadvertent effects on the value and alienability of broadcast licenses.’’
  • ‘What it is about the nature of goods that precludes their market alienability, or the logic of this distinction, is never made clear.’



/ˌālēənəˈbilədē/ /ˌeɪliənəˈbɪlədi/