Definition of alight on in English:

alight on

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phrasal verb

  • alight on somethingFind something by chance; notice something.

    ‘her eyes alighted on the item in question’
    • ‘His gaze alighted on the journalist Eleanor Mills, by chance the stepdaughter of a Cabinet minister.’
    • ‘He briefly alights on the historical context of Mongolian expansionism.’
    • ‘His hand alights on the Virgin Mother in her blue robe; his thumb presses feverishly over the contours of her face and form, then freezes as recognition of some kind descends.’
    • ‘Asked to pick out a product with the greatest potential, Cairnduff alights on a set of two paintings - one of a man, the other of a woman in a bar - at £60 the pair.’
    • ‘In adopting it he alights on areas that others might have missed and creates what is surely some of the most extraordinary and original writing currently in print.’
    • ‘The eye alights on a shoe here, the leg of a doll, bedding, pictures and shards of broken mirror.’
    • ‘I don't mean this to be a criticism, but doctors tend to lump any ache or pain which alights on me in with my cancer.’
    • ‘Your glance alights on a lean volume or skinny pamphlet; your fingertip tugs it out.’
    • ‘Cosima and her daughters, alighting on Winifred, sent Siegfried on his journey to see her with reminders about his need to fulfil ‘his highest duty’ for the family.’
    • ‘However, one reporter, from the Times, was allowed to have 20 guesses before alighting on Kelly's name.’
    • ‘He postulated a possibility that they may not be found and that is the only part of his statement that you're now alighting on.’
    • ‘However my eyes alighted on passion cake.’
    • ‘As a full-paid up member of the Dessert Club, my beady little eyes glinted in delight when they alighted on the puddings.’
    • ‘Each drawer pulled or cabinet opened was an adventure as Roy's gaze swept across the objects and alighted on one or another splendid or quirky piece.’
    • ‘Out of 150 or so shares, theirs were alighted on the two greatest corporate disaster zones in the big stock arena.’
    • ‘It does not seem to have struck the organisers as at all odd or ironic that a sustainable development summit should have alighted on this city as its venue.’
    • ‘Choosing a programme for his tribute concert was easy, says Currie, who has alighted on some of the most exciting and varied choral works in the canon.’
    • ‘Settling down with a cup of tea and the sports section of the Sunday paper, my eye alighted on an article.’
    • ‘One evening, head on pillow, running through the failures of the day, my mind alighted on one particularly dissatisfying issue.’
    • ‘Her fingers alight on a blue-bound novel and she opens it randomly.’