Definition of alignment in English:



  • 1mass noun Arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions.

    ‘the tiles had slipped out of alignment’
    • ‘Most golfers assume that if their toes are lined up parallel to the target line, their alignment is correct.’
    • ‘Lay the tiles row by row, always keeping a watchful eye for correct alignment along the working lines.’
    • ‘They ensure that the patient's body is maintained in correct alignment during positioning and the procedure.’
    • ‘This was done to ensure correct alignment of secondary structure elements.’
    • ‘But it is increasingly thought that the positioning and spacing of these early teeth is crucial for the correct alignment and positioning of permanent teeth.’
    • ‘Ribblesdale urgently need to look at mobility of their back row and their back line's alignment and organisation.’
    • ‘‘It's releasing these lines of tension in order to encourage alignment in the structures of the body,’ he says.’
    • ‘In addition to the aforementioned considerations, proper body positioning and alignment are crucial to the correct execution of these procedures.’
    • ‘York had the possession for most of the remainder of the half but poor passing, bad alignment and lack of straight running limited their progress against a side with an effective back row and powerful centres.’
    • ‘Standing behind the mat before taking up the stance on the mat is a very good way to select the path of the bowl and gives a much more regular consistency of the intended path and correct body alignment.’
    • ‘This works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment which leads to a longer, leaner body.’
    • ‘Personal trainers that are worth their salt can spot poor alignment, correct it and make sure that you are doing the exercise properly.’
    • ‘In other words, these deep-layer abdominals are designed to minimize motion of the torso and back and correct positions that threaten sound alignment.’
    • ‘The mirror features labels indicating the correct head position, stance widths, body alignment and ball position.’
    • ‘The front five are ultra-competitive in their basic roles, but elsewhere there is a desperate lack of penetration, in part due to some sloppy alignment and lack of positional sense.’
    • ‘Be sure that your alignment is correct and you work through a full range of motion with each move.’
    • ‘An initial ‘dry run’ to ensure correct alignment before the automated cutting process begins at the plasma cutter.’
    • ‘However, new techniques, approaches, or technologies can upset this alignment or change the relative influence of complementors.’
    • ‘The problem of flat feet is chronic because it is a habit that occurs without any awareness of what is correct alignment for the feet.’
    • ‘When exercising with a stability ball, it's important - for both positioning and alignment - that you choose the proper-sized ball.’
    arrangement, layout, geography, design, organization, order, ordering, array, presentation, grouping, sorting, positioning, disposition, marshalling, ranging, alignment
    1. 1.1count noun The route or course of a railway or road.
      ‘four railways, all on different alignments’
      ‘present-day road alignments’
      • ‘The 4.35 km long rail cum road bridge, along with the ancillaries like new railway lines and stations and the new road alignments, is one of the biggest-ever projects in the Northeast.’
      • ‘The authority had also taken into account the metro rail and railway alignments that may align themselves with the system.’
      • ‘This option would use the existing Tramlink line from Croydon to Harrington Road and a new alignment is then proposed to follow the Network Rail track between Birkbeck and Crystal Palace.’
      • ‘The good work of Councillor Willie Nolan in the provision of amenities is bound to have further influence on new road alignments and safety planning.’
      • ‘Only 22 pieces of private property will be affected by the Metro Rail alignment on the road in Indiranagar.’
      • ‘However, the route to the old station is covered by the by-pass, and therefore a new alignment for the railway would be required.’
      • ‘This means that there is a very high potential risk that roads are being built and maintained on alignments and geometric standards that are not in keeping with current user expectations.’
      • ‘The system's generally built on old railway alignments or strips of undeveloped or cheap land.’
      • ‘It was a mile-long track, kidney shaped, roughly on the alignment of the present road circuit in a natural bowl, giving spectators wonderful viewing.’
      • ‘Indeed the strength of early road alignments both east and west of the Walbrook was such that they overrode considerations of conformity with the later grid and survived through the Roman period.’
      • ‘The modern road follows the alignment of Watling Street, along which Roman soldiers would have trooped on their way from London to Dover and beyond.’
      • ‘It is plain from the maps that in this intervening period the road alignment was altered in respect of the Castle Acre spur and the Pink Road.’
      • ‘The alignment of a new road to be known as ‘University Crescent’ will follow the same path as University Drive East.’
      • ‘On the Newbridge Road the alignment was required to pass between Chadwick s business and the green area to the east of Jigginstown castle.’
      • ‘The improvements will increase awareness of both the road alignment and the possibility of queueing traffic at peak times.’
      • ‘The firm has proposed a north-south road alignment which would cut through the south-east and north-east corners of the Chapman Regional Park.’
      • ‘I would agree that road safety is compromised by excessive speed, but this takes its place along with other factors, principally, road width and alignment, and visibility.’
      • ‘Councillor Joe Queenan has welcomed the further allocation of E300,000 to complete the road alignment at Kindard, Enniscrone.’
      • ‘The stall follows the completion of a two-year road planning study which recommends a coastal road alignment but warns of several hindrances.’
      • ‘Despite the beautiful alignment of the main line out of London there are some fearsome grades on most lines elsewhere on the network, and visiting Pacifics have often been in bad trouble on these sections.’
    2. 1.2Archaeology count noun A linear arrangement of stones.
      ‘there were originally at least four massive stone alignments running from west to east’
      • ‘Processions and alignments were important in henges and stone circles.’
      • ‘We can see this important change at Nosterfield Quarry, immediately to the north, where Bronze Age field ditches and single pit alignments were discovered.’
      • ‘Two as yet undated alignments of timber posts found near Brancaster could be Anglo-Saxon fish-traps, similar to examples found in the Blackwater estuary in Essex.’
      • ‘The place where we went most often was Carnac, on the South coast of Brittany, a little town famous for its stunning prehistoric menhir alignments.’
      • ‘An east-west oriented alignment of stones, situated outside the dwelling in front of the entrance, could be the remains of a windscreen.’
  • 2A position of agreement or alliance.

    ‘the uncertain nature of political alignments’
    • ‘It sometimes disturbed alliances and alignments, base agreements or trade arrangements, and friendly relations generally.’
    • ‘While a united Korea's chosen alliances and alignments might matter greatly to the powers of the Pacific, they would probably not constitute a casus belli.’
    • ‘However, to Bengio and Ozcan this relationship is not an alliance, but an alignment.’
    • ‘Election returns show that political alignments around social issues have shifted much less than their rhetoric would suggest.’
    • ‘In those elections, the Labour Party shrank again, in spite of its alignment with several liberal-centre political groups.’
    • ‘The biggest post-election challenge is rebuilding the social justice agenda and its support base while reassessing political alignments.’
    • ‘I note that there is almost an alignment with that position from those such as the association.’
    • ‘Yesterday was a joyful day for anyone whose political alignments weren't causing them indigestion over what they were having to digest.’
    • ‘As the controversies over dispensation of the western territories grew unavoidable, so the Jacksonian political alignments crumbled.’
    • ‘Political alignments would shift, the military would reassert itself, and the country face international isolation.’
    • ‘This outlook cuts across traditional sociological and political alignments.’
    • ‘We are back rather in the chequered circumstances of the seventies, in which there was no clear pattern of domestic political alignments in the group.’
    • ‘Rick Pass has raised a fascinating question about whether we're seeing a fundamental shift in Australia's political alignments.’
    • ‘But the scale of the leap is very large indeed and the political alignments do not yet vindicate Mr Kennedy's new-found confidence in his vision.’
    • ‘In these circumstances Muslims have to anticipate and judge political alignments that are likely to take place in near future.’
    • ‘There is no clear picture of future political alignments right now.’
    • ‘The old political alignments are going to give way to new ones.’
    • ‘This is not how voters perceive political alignments, at least not in modern times.’
    • ‘A few of them have even reconsidered their political alignment and are interested in joining up with the Ontario Party.’
    • ‘In such a situation there has been little room for any clear, simple alignment along the lines of one or two ideologies which could decisively change the country's direction.’
    alliance, union, partnership, affiliation, bloc, caucus


Late 18th century from French alignement, from aligner (see align).