Definition of aliment in English:


Pronunciation /ˈaləmənt/ /ˈæləmənt/


  • 1archaic Food; nourishment.

    ‘Coke goes on to say estovers signify sustenance, aliment, or nourishment.’
    • ‘It certainly shouldn't suggest raiding the frozen food bins at the supermarket, where one is served as much artifice as aliment.’
    • ‘In a physiological sense, true aliment is to be distinguished as that portion of the food which is capable of being digested and absorbed into the blood.’
    • ‘Is not truth the natural aliment of the mind, as plainly as the wholesome grain.’
    nourishment, sustenance, nutriment, subsistence, fare, bread, daily bread
    1. 1.1Support; sustenance.
      ‘Liberty is to faction what air is to fire, an aliment without which it instantly expires.’
      • ‘Aliment in a broad sense means whatever is necessary to sustain human life: not merely food and drink, but lodging, clothing, care during sickness and burial.’


  • Provide with nourishment or sustenance.

    ‘Equipment for the water treatment alimenting the Israeli settlement provoking overflows in the Wali.’
    • ‘I have alimented the middle man, don't know which company's firmware will be better though.’
    • ‘Some lakes seem to be alimented by sinuous ‘rivers’, some over 62 miles long.’
    • ‘Preferably, the culture is of the discontinued alimented type.’
    • ‘It's old news that bloggers were pivotal in toppling one politician and alimenting another's campaign.’
    • ‘Lunar silences and small noises from an abysmal hollow forest contain enough electric movement to charge a giant battery alimenting complex machinery.’
    • ‘The attorney's authority to benefit others should as under the existing law be limited to alimenting those whom the granter is obliged to aliment.’
    • ‘The plant is alimented by Delio Lake waters, a natural storage, which capacity have been artificially increased by a realization of barrages at both extremities.’
    • ‘The eruption occurs along a fracture cutting Dolomieu crater in E-W direction and extending until the outer rim at 2400 m elevation, where 3 weekly alimented lava flows were observed.’
    • ‘The hot water is produced by a thermal central with accumulation, while for cold water is used an accumulation alimented by two chillers which works in a parallel or redundant way.’
    • ‘They comprise a large proportion of the bush meat trade in Africa, which is alimented by poachers using snares, nets, dogs and firearms.’
    • ‘The product to be desiccated is alimented by a cylindrical horizontal element in which a turbo agitator centrifuges the material on the internal wall.’
    • ‘Anyway, happy hunting, eating and alimenting to you all.’
    • ‘New Media derive directly from this ‘furious craftwork’ of the XX Century, an artistic syncretism that has been alimented by cinema, photography, design and electronic music.’
    • ‘In 1971, the 2175 cc engine evolved to 2347 cc, and its power rose to 115 bhp if alimented by a carburettor or 139 bhp with the electronic injection, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 118 mph.’
    • ‘'Never ever in relations with our partners has anyone talked about alimenting, subsidizing or secretly supporting the other one,’ the vice premier said.’
    • ‘But since I'm working on portable computers for the moment, any USB peripherals that are alimented by the computer will be a strain on the battery, and will shorten its lifespan.’
    • ‘A few words about the case have to be said, since it has been all over the news for several weeks, and keeps alimenting forum discussions.’
    • ‘Money being the nerve of any warfare, alimenting subversion and guerillas to weaken the enemy was an admitted practice among those who could afford it.’
    • ‘The engine of autopoietic growth is the process of globalization, alimented by foreign investments and the emerging economies’ domestic demand, which in turn require the establishment of an international monetary standard.’


Late 15th century from Latin alimentum, from alere ‘nourish’.