Definition of alkaline battery in English:

alkaline battery


  • A long-lived dry cell with an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide, which deters corrosion.

    • ‘Primary alkaline batteries use sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte.’
    • ‘With advances in standard off-the-shelf alkaline batteries, most electronic sensors can operate for longer periods without running down.’
    • ‘I bought it about 7 years ago, and I still use it to recharge all my alkaline batteries.’
    • ‘A number of technologies are vying to replace the current lithium-ion batteries found in laptops, as well as the alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride rechargeables used by portable electronics devices.’
    • ‘The company has told retailers it's also eyeing a $70 million October ad launch for an enhanced alkaline battery due in stores in September.’
    • ‘In the alkaline battery segment, the biggest market slice, our company now holds a 19 percent unit share, up from 8 percent back in 1996.’
    • ‘The device operates on a 9-volt alkaline battery that delivers over 10,000 readings.’
    • ‘For example, a typical alkaline battery contains manganese dioxide and zinc, which react to form zinc oxide.’
    • ‘The alkaline battery packs for the telemetry boxes weigh roughly 3 pounds more.’
    • ‘According to Consumer Reports, ‘don't bother storing alkaline batteries in the refrigerator to stretch their life.’’
    • ‘He says the new batteries can last up to four times longer than standard single-use alkaline batteries in certain applications, and are expected to be rechargeable up to 1000 times.’
    • ‘Single-use alkaline batteries can be discarded into your regular trash or, even better, saved for a ‘household hazardous waste’ collection day.’
    • ‘Additionally, some units use only disposable alkaline batteries, two use only rechargeable battery packs and some can use either, all of which affects the price dramatically.’
    • ‘I liked the option of using alkaline batteries because you can leave them installed for months at a time and they will still work when needed.’
    • ‘While this remains the only nationwide program for recycling, it does not accept alkaline batteries.’
    • ‘Mr Cribb said home-owners should use long-lasting alkaline batteries to avoid changing batteries more than once a year.’
    • ‘Find a model with rechargeable batteries that also allows you to use standard AA alkaline batteries.’
    • ‘In such conditions snow has to be melted to make drinkable water, alkaline batteries rapidly discharge and lighter fluid evaporates from the lighter in addition to the more obvious discomforts.’
    • ‘Most battery operated alarms use zinc or alkaline batteries costing about £2 and lasting about a year.’
    • ‘Chromium in floppy disks, lead in batteries and computer monitors, and mercury in alkaline batteries and fluorescent lamps also pose severe health risks.’