Definition of all-clear in English:


Pronunciation /ˌôlˈklir/ /ˌɔlˈklɪr/

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  • A signal that danger or difficulty is over.

    ‘she was given the all-clear to travel home’
    • ‘By the time the all-clear signal was given, the building had been entirely evacuated.’
    • ‘His premises were promptly inspected and given the all-clear, but he has asked for a further inspection today as an extra precaution.’
    • ‘However, victory celebrations were renewed when the player returned to the clubhouse after being given the all-clear by doctors.’
    • ‘All 134 children attending the school will remain at home until health inspectors give the all-clear.’
    • ‘Mercifully, all the current signs point to Melanie being in remission but it will be another three and a half years before she is given the all-clear.’
    • ‘The mother-of-two has now been given the all-clear and she wants to return to Manchester help to raise money to aid other cancer sufferers.’
    • ‘After a simple, half hour operation Stephen was given the all-clear and told to visit his GP again in three years.’
    • ‘The older child was treated for smoke inhalation and the younger one had a check-up before being given the all-clear.’
    • ‘Bomb disposal experts were called to the scene, the station was evacuated and a cordon thrown around the area until the all-clear was given.’
    • ‘Environment Agency engineers were inspecting the repaired flood defences before giving them the all-clear.’
    • ‘They were allowed to go at about 1am when the all-clear was given.’
    • ‘Because no one knew when the Government would sound the all-clear, the Georgian hall was kept in a perpetual state of readiness.’
    • ‘Garages are giving faulty cars the all-clear in safety tests, a damning investigation reveals.’
    • ‘And if they are unsure, then how can they give everything the all-clear?’
    • ‘Police made office workers stay inside for three hours until they were given the all-clear to come out.’
    • ‘Chemotherapy treatment followed and he was later given the all-clear.’
    • ‘The Government has vehemently denied claims that it has already given the all-clear for a new runway at Stansted.’
    • ‘I think we must have stayed where we were until the all-clear sounded.’
    • ‘And provided the scheme is not called in by the Secretary of State, it will get the final all-clear.’
    • ‘The procedure was a success and Bob has now been given the all-clear.’