Definition of all-or-none in English:



another way of saying all-or-nothing
‘No, it's not as though if was an all-or-none thing, the increase was about 25% over the average, over the cycle.’
  • ‘Instead of this all-or-none attitude, what is required of the contemporary practitioner is a realistic mindset that is open to possibilities and yet rigorously respectful of much needed scientific evidence.’
  • ‘Remember that nothing in bodybuilding is an all-or-none proposition.’
  • ‘The moral seems to be that it's smarter to spend your lobbying dollars at the state level than to risk it in an all-or-none federal bill.’
  • ‘Instead of all-or-none categorizing, some have urged that degrees, or severity, of alcoholism be identified.’
  • ‘However, the scatter plot of gene density versus Alu density showed that this is not an all-or-none phenomenon.’
  • ‘Weinstein concluded that after his stroke Wilson tended to reduce ‘complex issues to all-or-none questions of right and wrong, and of morality or immorality.’’
  • ‘Forced unfolding experiments performed on fibronectin, tenascin, and titin, showed these modular proteins to unfold domain after domain but only in an all-or-none event with no intermediate states.’
  • ‘For example, if you put in an order to buy 2,000 shares of XYZ but only 1,000 are being sold, an all-or-none restriction means your order will not be filled until there are at least 2,000 shares available at your preferred price.’
  • ‘A percentage is determined by applying an all-or-none rule at the patient level.’
  1. 1.1Physiology (of a response) having a strength independent of the strength of the stimulus that caused it.
    ‘The all-or-none response of the action potential helped to identify the limit for a supra-threshold stimulus, by gradually increasing the amplitude of the pulse.’
    • ‘Alternatively, if most of the vesicles contained none or just one single enzyme molecule, then the latter subset of vesicles caused an all-or-none response to the binding of the inhibitor.’
    • ‘The BAER elicits an all-or-none response; a normal functioning ear will produce a specific waveform pattern while a nonfunctioning ear produces a flat line.’
    • ‘In this more physiological context, the model shows nearly all-or-none threshold response.’
    • ‘RECOGNITION OF THE ethical content present in choices between placing resource units on the market and withholding them in idleness does not imply that there need be some all-or-none commitment.’