Definition of all comers in English:

all comers

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mainly informal
  • Anyone who chooses to take part in an activity, typically a competition.

    ‘the champion took on all comers’
    • ‘Brian beat all comers in the competition as fishers from all over Ulster came to Silverbridge to try and catch a big one.’
    • ‘Mr Dymond said it was hoped to have displays by professional skaters and bikers with open competitions for all comers to take part in.’
    • ‘The Arksorn School has won the competition for the fifth straight year defeating all comers in the competition.’
    • ‘Apparently it's a fast course and he's trying to beat the British all comers record.’
    • ‘One spot is an open competition between Joe Odom and all comers.’
    • ‘While the poor run of results is causing some to pull their hair out, the young internationalist is regularly turning in good performances against all comers.’
    • ‘He started with style - speaking plainly and wandering around in a bus addressing town meetings open to all comers.’
    • ‘Last week, they offered the info to all comers, ending their exclusive agreement.’
    • ‘We do not need to be available 24 hours to all comers.’
    • ‘The other key point that is beginning to distinguish the company's range is on-the-road ability, where the cars are now routinely trouncing all comers.’
    • ‘It has considerable interests in that country, which it intends to defend against all comers.’
    • ‘One reason is that it throws open to all comers, both client and provider, the ‘knowledge economy’.’
    • ‘A grey heron meditates halfway up a tree, while a pair of red-wattled lapwings drive away all comers from their private niche.’
    • ‘From there the two talking heads plotted and pasted together the concept of an international race, which would attract all comers.’
    • ‘Open to all comers, it attracts thousands of Norwegians, and most of the world's best marathon skiers.’
    • ‘Here we are finally at Easter, with our Easter Carnival all ready, the course looking good and ready to take on all comers.’
    • ‘Far from expecting privacy on a website, its designers hope for the greatest possible exposure to all comers.’
    • ‘Tea and refreshments will be served and a great welcome awaits all comers at this special event organised by the local committee.’
    • ‘But the car all comers have to beat is this one, and it's stiff competition.’
    • ‘In the event, the candidate brushed aside all comers as in 1938.’