Definition of all hours in English:

all hours

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  • Any time, especially outside the time considered usual for something.

    ‘teenagers expect to be allowed to stay out to all hours’
    • ‘intruders had access at all hours’
    • ‘So, naturally they may play football or volleyball outside your room at all hours of the day and night.’
    • ‘She had a special key to the Sheen Gate, so she had access to White Lodge at all hours.’
    • ‘I wrote and arranged music, and produced hit records at all hours of the night and weekends.’
    • ‘People gather at all hours of the day, some staring in awe, others simply curious.’
    • ‘Those who have to suffer the consequences are wondering why local parents are letting their teenagers run amok at all hours of the night.’
    • ‘Applicant Ian Curwen is hoping to re-open the garage, offering petrol and garage-shop fare at all hours.’
    • ‘They forced the Government's hand over Sunday trading by illegally opening all hours, to the delight of shoppers.’
    • ‘People living nearby fear for their own homes, after a number of fires at the site, and are worried children are often inside at all hours.’
    • ‘I've seen some of them wandering about at all hours of the night.’
    • ‘If they didn't expect shops to open all hours then they wouldn't.’