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  • Having many uses, especially all that might be expected from something of its type.

    ‘an all-purpose kitchen knife’
    • ‘The big news in all-purpose knives is the Leatherman folding do-it-all type.’
    • ‘Ed has an all-purpose 75-foot boat with twin diesel engines and a five-ton crane amidships.’
    • ‘In the interim we anticipate the securing of a green-belt site and the building of a 15,000 all-seater, all-purpose stadium.’
    • ‘Their idea is to make the church an all-purpose centre, offering such activities as youth work, a coffee shop, a drop-in centre and counselling.’
    • ‘I do not think of myself as an all-purpose pundit.’
    • ‘Brunet, with a rich, beautiful voice, is vocally more fiery and seductive than her all-purpose shimmy and coy smile suggest.’
    • ‘However, all the three other options would controversially break up North Yorkshire into three or four separate all-purpose councils.’
    • ‘In ancient Rome, for instance, the bed was an all-purpose piece of furniture, used for eating, relaxing and socialising as well as sleeping.’
    • ‘Let's just say this funny, thoughtful, intelligent and crazy book is one of the best all-purpose reads of the year.’
    • ‘By providing almost all essentials for school children, the all-purpose store has come as a welcome relief to the salaried class.’
    • ‘A sceptic might say that his almanac is the all-purpose Christmas gift for the person without personality.’
    • ‘Lemon juice, vinegar and natural soap make an all-purpose cleaner.’
    • ‘The money will be used to create an all-weather, all-purpose play area outside the playgroup in the grounds of Greendown School.’
    • ‘Pack some warm clothes and an all-purpose washing liquid to help minimise the amount of socks, T-shirts and shorts you'll need.’
    • ‘Cheap and fireproof, it was an all-purpose insulator used to lag buildings, railway carriages, even ironing boards.’
    • ‘It is a comfort to know that expensive cleaners designed for bathrooms work no better than all-purpose cleaners.’
    • ‘Additionally, as one might imagine, the cottony head of the plant made an excellent all-purpose swab.’
    • ‘The north-west network stretches along roughly 400 miles of motorway and all-purpose roads.’
    • ‘Downstairs, an all-purpose room serves as a dining room when family members visit.’
    • ‘Sports equipment consists of floor mats that are used in an all-purpose hall in which the children do gym, dance and eat their lunch.’
    adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted, multitalented, multiskilled, many-sided, resourceful, protean



/ˌôlˈpərpəs/ /ˌɔlˈpərpəs/