Definition of all well and good in English:

all well and good

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(also well and good)
  • Used to express acceptance of a first statement before introducing a contradictory or confirming second statement.

    ‘that's all well and good, but why didn't he call her to say so?’
    • ‘Style is all well and good for a debut, but second albums require more substance and further expansion.’
    • ‘All well and good, but I really can't see why people are bending over backwards (or forwards, in our case) for him.’
    • ‘I do not expect the person who I have quoted here to come around to my way of thinking, though of course that would be well and good.’
    • ‘If Inzy wins this challenge, it's well and good, otherwise Ganguly can as well be sure that the one-day series is wrapped up.’
    • ‘Moral high grounds, for instance, are well and good, and all else being equal of course we'd like to have them.’
    • ‘Producing a commercial product is not the principal concern, though if there is a commercial outcome that will be well and good.’
    • ‘I accept that cricket must find ways of bringing in the cash to survive and if this ploy succeeds all so well and good, but I have my reservations.’
    • ‘Learning from history is well and good, but such talk illustrates the dangers of learning from the wrong history.’
    • ‘All well and good, but this opportunity comes with a huge caveat.’
    • ‘All very well and good, but that approach hasn't helped those who trust her with their portfolios.’