Definition of allantoin in English:



  • A crystalline compound formed in the nitrogen metabolism of many mammals (excluding primates).

    A cyclic compound related to hydantoin; chemical formula: C₄H₆N₄O₃

    ‘The active compounds are allantoin and rosmarinic acid.’
    • ‘Oftentimes, it is not the cortisol stimulating properties which are cited for their healing properties but some other biochemical agent such as allantoin in comfrey.’
    • ‘Comfrey contains allantoin, a natural substance that stimulates the growth of new skin cells.’
    • ‘And he was right, since plantain contains allantoin, a proven healer of injured skin cells.’
    • ‘Formulated with glycerin and allantoin, it will also moisturize and protect any tiny cuts left by your razor.’



/əˈlantōən/ /əˈlæntoʊən/


Mid 19th century from allantois(because it was discovered in the allantoic fluid of cows) + -in.