Definition of alley-oop in English:


(also alley-oop pass)

Pronunciation /ˌalē ˈo͞op/ /ˌæli ˈup/


  • Used to encourage or draw attention to the performance of some physical, especially acrobatic, feat.

    ‘alley-oop, straight into the lake’


  • A high pass caught by a leaping teammate who tries to dunk the ball before landing.

    ‘she could catch alley-oops all day’
    ‘he took an alley-oop pass from Vaughn’
    • ‘Team USA threw a couple of balls away with ill-conceived alley-oops, missed a few wide-open jumpers and blew a couple of defensive assignments.’
    • ‘Her new abilities allow her to play basketball like nobody's business, complete with slam dunks and alley-oops off concrete urban walls.’
    • ‘Sadly, the only time I really enjoyed the game experience was when I teamed up with my son to see how many sweet dunks and alley-oops we could pull off.’
    • ‘He can run the court, score on low-post moves, soar for alley-oops and rebound jams, block shots, defend and make plays.’
    • ‘While airborne, you can attempt to pull off additional tricks and even pass the ball back to your teammates, who will jump towards the basket as well for potential alley-oops.’


Early 20th century perhaps from French allez! ‘go on!’ + a supposedly French pronunciation of up.



/ˌalē ˈo͞op/ /ˌæli ˈup/