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alligator clip

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mainly North American
  • A sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws, used attached to an electric cable for making a temporary connection to a battery or other component.

    British term crocodile clip

    ‘If the alligator clip cannot be attached to my shirt for any reason (old-fashioned styles can only be clipped in the direction that men's shirts button), it can be clipped to the jacket or vest.’
    • ‘Black eyeliner and an alligator clip to hold my hair up, and I was ready to go - after putting on my black chucks, of course.’
    • ‘Twist each section clockwise and then click back off the forehead with a small claw clip, bobby pin or tiny alligator clip.’
    • ‘Electricity was being passed through me via the alligator clips.’
    • ‘Travel has changed dramatically since the days when I carried alligator clips and an acoustic coupler to get online in hotel rooms.’


alligator clip

/ˈaləˌɡādər klip/ /ˈæləˌɡeɪdər klɪp/