Definition of allopath in English:



  • A person who practices allopathy.

    ‘Meanwhile, an allopath may be offering oral essential oils, herbal tinctures and clay treatments alongside the usual drugs.’
    • ‘Pranic healing is not an alternative medicine though and hence it is important to consult an allopath for medical problems.’
    • ‘His grandfather was an Ayurvedic vaid, and his father, though an allopath, acknowledges the benefits of homoeopathy and other systems.’
    • ‘He observes that while veterinarians keep themselves abreast of developments in modern medicine, very few allopaths dealing with it are familiar with vet medical literature.’
    • ‘The Osteopaths retained a fledgling distinctiveness until 1960 when they began to more clearly model the allopaths.’
    • ‘The article basically presented alternative remedies as snake oil and went on to quote an allopath who states that the ‘people who sell this stuff to desperately ill people…are criminals.’’
    • ‘Here are a few examples of the needling logic employed that can certainly drive many an allopath up the wall.’



/ˈaləˌpaTH/ /ˈæləˌpæθ/