Definition of allopathist in English:


Pronunciation /-THist/


See allopathy

‘The patients, therefore, were obliged to yield to the sad necessity, because they could obtain no better aid from other allopathists, who had gained their knowledge from the same deceitful books.’
  • ‘Dr. Colby studied in Philadelphia, and, after graduation, was at first an allopathist, but eclectic in practice; yet within a few years she has preferred to practise as a homoeopathist.’
  • ‘Good old Mark also proclaimed ‘that you may honestly feel grateful that the homeopath survived attempts of the allopathists to destroy it.’’
  • ‘If there is any reason to suppose a homoeopathic physician can use allopathic tools to a better advantage than the allopathist himself, I fail to see it.’
  • ‘They say people hereabouts live on quinine during the month of September, and I abhor quinine, and army surgeons, you know are all allopathists.’