Definition of allopurinol in English:



  • A synthetic drug that inhibits uric acid formation in the body and is used to treat gout and related conditions.

    ‘A separate study in the United States reported in Circulation showed that the drug allopurinol - used to treat gout - dramatically improved smokers' endothelial function.’
    • ‘Doctors commonly prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs at times of acute attacks and suggest the continued use of the prescription drug allopurinol, which reduces uric acid levels.’
    • ‘After this last flare is resolved, he will begin treatment for recurrent gout with allopurinol 100 mg a day and colchicine 0.6 mg twice a day.’
    • ‘If gout becomes a problem it can be controlled with a drug called allopurinol.’
    • ‘Japanese researchers are developing new drugs which work in the same way as allopurinol but are metabolised in the liver rather than the kidneys.’



/ˌalōˈpyo͝orēnäl/ /ˌæloʊˈpjʊrinɑl/


1960s from allo- ‘other’+ purine+ -ol.