Definition of allowedly in English:



sentence adverb
  • As is generally admitted to be true.

    ‘English is allowedly one of the most complete of the European languages’
    • ‘No one who has given up his name to Christ, is allowedly a self-seeker; that is against true Christianity.’
    • ‘However, all stayed splendid and telling music, allowedly they studied to be composers.’
    • ‘Where then is the danger of trusting these cases, which form allowedly a very large proportion, to the hands of an intelligent and well educated woman?’
    • ‘For that reason, the worst sin that can be committed with Diego is to let him go; in fact when he runs it is impossible to stop it allowedly.’
    • ‘That was why, in the mid nineties, we started off with an - allowedly little creditable - attempt to modify our product.’



/əˈlouədlē/ /əˈlaʊədli/