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‘Mann says it's a strange thing with the fulfilment of prophecies, they often confirm themselves allusively rather than literally.’
  • ‘The story remains the same - wildly improbable and allusively rendered - but the music has inflated and deepened in a manner befitting the giant robots, imploding planets, and freaky cast of thousands it contains.’
  • ‘While Grosvenor's dramatically cantilevered sculptures disturbed space in an almost physical manner, like a speeding boat's wake, his recent pieces activate space allusively and emotionally.’
  • ‘These rambles take the author, briefly and allusively, through a great many topics other than his primary concern with taste.’
  • ‘Yet Moffatt makes the point allusively, in a whisper entirely in keeping with the tone of the work.’



/əˈlo͞osivlē/ /əˈlusɪvli/ /aˈlo͞osivlē/ /æˈlusɪvli/ /əˈlo͞ozivlē/ /əˈluzɪvli/ /aˈlo͞ozivlē/ /æˈluzɪvli/