Definition of allusiveness in English:



See allusive

‘If you can stand the obliqueness, the allusiveness and the tension-inducing pace, you are in for an experience that is disturbing, revelatory and poetic.’
  • ‘Another, less-remarked problem, is that the extraordinary allusiveness of his prose is the product of a kind of education which no longer exists.’
  • ‘There are kinds of subtlety and metaphorical allusiveness that are easier to achieve in comics than in novels.’
  • ‘She uses non-realistic devices from fairy tale and a playful allusiveness to other texts in both dialogue and third-person narration.’
  • ‘The allusiveness requires us to attend to the internal structure of the text, and at the same time asks us to step outside it, to other texts.’



/əˈlo͞osəvnəs/ /əˈlusəvnəs/