Definition of Almohad in English:


(also Almohade)


  • A member of a Berber Muslim movement and dynasty that conquered the Spanish and North African empire of the Almoravids in the 12th century.

    • ‘Lastly, Brett has put forward the possibility that the arrival of the Almoravids and Almohads created new markets for, and new channels of access to, black slaves in al-Andalus and North Africa, replacing the demand for whites.’
    • ‘In North Africa, the new Almohades dynasty was in the ascendant and took away most of Tunisia in the 1150s.’
    • ‘Early in the twelfth century the Almohads, another clan, overthrew the Almoravid dynasty and assumed rule.’
    • ‘The decisive foundation date in the history of Gibraltar is 1159 - the period when the Almohad Empire extended over all of Spain and North Africa.’
    • ‘Seville cathedral was originally built as a Mosque by the Almohads in the late 12th century but later became the largest Gothic church in the world.’


Spanish, ultimately from Arabic al-muwaḥḥidun ‘believers in one God’.