Definition of almond eyes in English:

almond eyes

plural noun

  • Eyes that are narrow and oval with pointed ends.

    ‘Liadan's almond eyes narrow as she pulls her hands roughly out of his gentle grip.’
    • ‘The only thing that betrayed his true emotions was the angry flashing of his eyes, wide almond eyes that were so like my own.’
    • ‘White was born with the enviable gene that elongates her already striking features: She has sky-high legs and almond eyes, and a milky smooth radio-announcer voice that demands attention.’
    • ‘Her hair was shorter and was slightly graying and her green eyes were more rounded than Penny's almond eyes.’
    • ‘We shook hands slowly and almond eyes met crystal as I stared him down, the tingling sensation in my hand not fading until hours after I'd walked away.’