Definition of Almoravid in English:


(also Almoravide)

Pronunciation /ˌalməˈravid/ /ˌælməˈrævɪd/ /älˈmôrəvid/ /ɑlˈmɔrəvɪd/


  • A member of a federation of Muslim Berber peoples that established an empire in Morocco, Algeria, and Spain in the 11th century. They were in turn driven out by the Almohads.

    • ‘Lastly, Brett has put forward the possibility that the arrival of the Almoravids and Almohads created new markets for, and new channels of access to, black slaves in al-Andalus and North Africa, replacing the demand for whites.’
    • ‘The situation had deteriorated in 1085 when the Almoravid Berbers from Morocco united Andalusia under a Shiite regime.’
    • ‘Second, the invasion of Ghana in 1076 by a Muslim sect called the Almoravids forced thousands to flee south and west.’
    • ‘Finally, around the middle of the eleventh century, a confederation of tribes called the Almoravids conquered all of Morocco, as well as much of Spain.’
    • ‘By 1076, Islamic warrior monks (Almoravid or Al Murabitun) completed the conquest of southern Mauritania, defeating the ancient Ghana empire.’


Spanish, from Arabic al-murābit, literally ‘one who is bound’.



/ˌalməˈravid/ /ˌælməˈrævɪd/ /älˈmôrəvid/ /ɑlˈmɔrəvɪd/