Definition of Almoravid in English:


nounplural noun Almoravids

(also Almoravide)
  • A member of a federation of Muslim Berber peoples that established an empire in Morocco, Algeria, and Spain in the 11th century. They were in turn driven out by the Almohads.

    ‘Lastly, Brett has put forward the possibility that the arrival of the Almoravids and Almohads created new markets for, and new channels of access to, black slaves in al-Andalus and North Africa, replacing the demand for whites.’
    • ‘The situation had deteriorated in 1085 when the Almoravid Berbers from Morocco united Andalusia under a Shiite regime.’
    • ‘Second, the invasion of Ghana in 1076 by a Muslim sect called the Almoravids forced thousands to flee south and west.’
    • ‘Finally, around the middle of the eleventh century, a confederation of tribes called the Almoravids conquered all of Morocco, as well as much of Spain.’
    • ‘By 1076, Islamic warrior monks (Almoravid or Al Murabitun) completed the conquest of southern Mauritania, defeating the ancient Ghana empire.’



/alməˈrävəd/ /ælməˈrɑvəd/ /alˈmôrəvəd/ /ælˈmɔrəvəd/


Spanish, from Arabic al-murābit, literally ‘one who is bound’.