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along with

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  • In company with or at the same time as.

    ‘I was chosen, along with twelve other artists’
    • ‘A hole five metres by four and two metres deep had been dug, along with trenches on either side.’
    • ‘Volunteers will be given a free compost bin along with a small kitchen collection bin.’
    • ‘There were two supermarket trolleys in the pond along with plastic bags and litter.’
    • ‘They were later recovered by police from nearby bushes, along with a box of pellets.’
    • ‘She brought dried and fresh herbs for sale along with copies of a book she has written on the use of herbs.’
    • ‘As if everything was absolutely normal she'd hand him his cup of coffee along with a kiss.’
    • ‘When Charles was a boy he would inspect the troops along with his mother or grandmother.’
    • ‘The world has gone mad, and has lost its sense of proportion along with its sanity.’
    • ‘A knife was found nearby along with five notes he had written to his friends and family.’
    • ‘The pedals need replacing along with other parts that have worn out over the years.’
    together with, accompanying, accompanied by, in company with
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