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  • 1A high mountain, especially a snowcapped one.

    ‘Suddenly a brilliant glow filled the night, illuminating the snow-capped alps in the distance.’
    • ‘For winter sports enthusiasts, the southern and northern Japanese alps and the mountains of Hokkaido are home to some of the very best powder snow in the world.’
    • ‘The late renaissance had little experience of pack-ice and polar seas, but they did have plenty of glaciers in the alps.’
    • ‘The fog cleared to reveal gleaming glaciers and maritime alps as we made a cautious sun-soothed entry into the sound itself.’
    • ‘Out at the distant horizon ascended a monstrous tidal swell amassing into an alp.’
    • ‘When the school was over in the summer, we would usually go up into the alp that was filled with wild animals and uncharted lands.’
    • ‘In the fading light, with a view right up the lake to a glacier held high between dark jagged alps, I really could not have cared if I had caught nothing.’
    • ‘Estimates of the cost of an air ambulance from the alps to the UK range from £8,500 to £16,000.’
    • ‘Tyndall was an expert and enthusiastic mountaineer, calculating how high the energy in a ham sandwich would take him; his writings about the alps are suffused with pantheism.’
    • ‘Sun's Cradle was an old chain of rocky, copper alps, two of which towered over the rest like protruding inverted fangs.’
    • ‘However, on the last day we could even afford to enjoy the spectacular view over the alps.’
    • ‘The whole continent, except for some semi-inaccessible places in the alps, northern Scotland or Scandinavia, has been groomed and tended by the hand of man.’
    • ‘Now, I knew on one level that my fears were ridiculous, and that there are in fact no lions on Swiss alps, no wolf-packs in the lake district and no giant carnivorous elk anywhere.’
    • ‘I called Eileen and started to complain in soft gentle tones, just kidding, really loud tones, until Eileen asked me in a rather hurt voice how come I am hollering like my windpipe just got back from a ski in the alps.’
    • ‘The wind chill factor on the roof of the alps puts the temperature at about minus 10C but we wade knee-deep in pristine powder, waving our arms and skylarking like the Beatles in Help.’
    • ‘It boils at 80 degrees C or even less if you're up in the alps, in which case, you'll need a pressure-boiler to get the water hot enough before it bubbles.’
    • ‘Why then, after it had been segregated to emphasize its inferior status, did men wilfully cross the alps and seek out this remote spot for their clandestine purposes?’
    • ‘To really take in the majesty of the alps, I highly recommend you cough up the money for a go at skydiving.’
    • ‘You go in, sit down, and order some pastries and you imagine that you are in the Austrian alps.’
    • ‘It's a CD of music from the Swiss alps I bought at a flea market one Sunday when I was in an ironic mood.’
    mountain, hill, height, alp, aiguille, serac, puy, crag, tor, inselberg
    1. 1.1(in Switzerland) an area of green pasture on a mountainside.
      ‘Areas of the alps still show signs of environmental damage wrought by decades of cattle grazing, even though grazing stopped more than 60 years ago.’
      • ‘The steep grass of the alp scoured my knees and slapped my cheeks.’
      • ‘Partly, this is the setting - nestled on the shores of a number of lakes at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, surrounded by the craggy beauty of the alps.’
      • ‘During the filming of the mountaineering movie Five Days One Summer, she managed to wind up most of the cast and crew by wandering around a Swiss alp wearing nothing but a pale green bikini and an oriental veil.’
      • ‘The Valais is sheltered by the alps and, like south east Switzerland, benefits particularly from the föhn, but it can be dry and irrigation with mountain water is sometimes necessary.’



/alp/ /ælp/


Late Middle English singular of Alps.