Definition of Alsatian in English:



  • 1British A large dog of a breed typically used as guard dogs or for police work.

    • ‘Pekingese, cocker spaniels and Alsatians were the top three most popular dogs.’
    • ‘Microchipping a chihuahua, for example, seems to me to be a bit unnecessary, to say the very least, but the microchipping of a rather large Dobermann, Alsatian, or pit bull terrier does have some merit.’
    • ‘Two years ago the only general purpose police dog in Wiltshire was the Alsatian but the force turned to Rottweilers after it became increasingly difficult to find dogs that were suitable for police work.’
    • ‘Their dog was an Alsatian with a dark coat and legs that looked too short for its body size.’
    • ‘With their majestic appearance, the Alsatians certainly had clear domination over other breeds, including larger dogs.’
  • 2A native or inhabitant of Alsace.

    • ‘Adjacent regions of France are also more oriented to beer than wine, and French Alsatians welcome beer to the table as an accompaniment to their traditionally hearty food.’
    • ‘Whether in Colmar in the heart of Alsace, or Mulhouse further south, or Selestat, Alsatians are warm and friendly, welcoming and cordial.’
    • ‘Pressure was also brought by the newspapers and caused Parliament to vote for, in the name of the unity of France, an amnesty, which pardoned the 13 convicted Alsatians.’
    • ‘A group of Deck's artist friends, many of them Alsatians, would meet every week in Deck's atelier to experiment with the new colors he had developed.’
    • ‘Thousands of Alsatians chose to immigrate to the United States at this time rather than live under German rule.’


  • Relating to Alsace or its inhabitants.

    • ‘Charming bed and breakfast inns, village delis and bars are a window to quality Alsatian living and country life, favoured by most inhabitants of this enchanting region.’
    • ‘He would quaff a few glasses of Alsatian Pinot Noir as he poured forth his conviction that Northern Ireland could emulate France and Germany by resolving age-old conflict.’
    • ‘Fitting the bill perfectly is Kronenbourg - a brand with authentic Alsatian origins, which dates back to 1664.’
    • ‘Even curry, the former best friend of chilled lager, is now seen as a dish that brings out the best in certain Alsatian wines and powerful Rieslings.’
    • ‘It lacks the aromatic qualities of other Alsatian grape varieties and may not be used for the production of Grand Cru or late harvest wines.’


From medieval Latin Alsatia ‘Alsace’ + -an.