Definition of alstroemeria in English:



  • A South American plant with showy flowers similar to those of the lily, cultivated as an ornamental.

    Genus Alstroemeria, family Liliaceae: several species

    ‘Some of the best and most widely adapted annual cut flowers with the longest vase life include alstroemeria, aster, cosmos, snapdragon, sunflower, yarrow, and zinnia.’
    • ‘In the perennial gardens, the use of colorful and fragrant plants, including gladiolus, iris, tuberose and alstroemeria, is abundant.’
    • ‘Although I'll bet Dominic didn't choose the alstroemeria on its meaning, it's definitely similar to his life and personality.’
    • ‘Another flower, alstroemeria, responds to having its stubble burned.’
    • ‘White and speckled alstroemeria flowers and tapered reed stems combine with cat's eye marbles in a glass vase.’



/ˌalztrəˈmirēə/ /ˌælztrəˈmɪriə/


Late 18th century modern Latin, named after Klas von Alstroemer (1736–96), Swedish naturalist.