Definition of alt-rock in English:



  • ‘the soundtrack throbs with alt-rock and techno’
    • ‘alt-rock radio’
    • ‘I did have the dream that I might become some sort of alt-rock goddess in the States.’
    • ‘The album pitches into the familiar anthemic alt-rock that has already carved the band their place in history.’
    • ‘Their dramatic alt-rock had more than a few echoes of The Bends and OK Computer.’
    • ‘"Don't Hold Your Breath" takes the mid-'90s alt-rock formula and slows it down to a crawl, revealing nuance, beauty and emotional resonance.’
    • ‘The guitar work here is promising, with some alt-rock influences providing a welcome respite from the usual thirds-based harmonies.’
    • ‘Sonically overwhelming throughout its eight tracks, the album affirms the enduring significance of alt-rock's most pervasive clichés.’
    • ‘Most songs end up in a vaguely alt-rock area somewhere between the Music and Pearl Jam, although the overall effect defies description.’
    • ‘Besides the rasping Cobain-like vocals any other trace of the alt-rock anthem of yesterday has all but faded.’
    • ‘They make danceable alt-rock of a persuasion that's as aggressive as possible without getting silly.’
    • ‘The venue's intimacy and energy suits all music genres from folk to alt-rock.’



/ˈôlt ˈräk/ /ˈɔlt ˈrɑk/ /ˈält ˈräk/ /ˈɑlt ˈrɑk/